Teagan and her puppies--only a few hours old

ednesday 6 November 2002  11.00pm
Teagan did not give us any indication that her puppies were going to be born during the night.  Usually a bitch gets quite restless beforehand.  A drop in the bitch's temperature tells you that whelping will be in the next 24 hours, but often is of short duration and can be missed.

hursday 7 November 2002  2.00am
At 2.00am Teagan's water broke but the first puppy, purple boy was not born until 4.45am.  He was able to get quite settled and had a good drink before green boy arrived an hour later at 5.40am.  Dark boy followed at 6.10am.

The first female puppy, pink girl arrived at 6.25am looking very tiny, but weighed in at 375g.  The other puppies ranged from 530g to 460g.  Blue girl arrived at 7.45am.

Teagan then settled happily with her new family and I thought that the litter size was going to be five puppies.  But at 8.20am while I was collecting towels for washing, yellow girl arrived giving us an even litter of three boys and three girls.

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