ne day old   8 November 2002
Newborn puppies cannot see or hear but will fix on  any source of warmth.  For the first 5 to 6 days they cannot control their temperature and can easily become chilled (or overheated). 

Their mother will monitor their temperature and keep them just right.  She will keep her puppies clean and stimulate urination and defecation by licking them.

Puppies spend their first few weeks mainly sleeping, only waking up to eat.  Puppies must drink often especially in the first two weeks of life.

Puppies usually double their birth weight in 8-10 days.

Day 3

hree days old   10 November 2002
Teagan is feeding, cleaning and caring attentively for her litter of puppies.  She only spends the minimum time away from them and watches us very carefully!

The puppies are being weighed every day to make sure that each one is putting on weight.  I try to make sure that pink girl is the first to find a teat so that she gets her share.

The whelping box bedding is changed every day to keep everything as clean as possible.

And we finally got some digital pictures of the puppies!

Day 3

Day 5

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